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In Review: Radio Active’s Capacity-Building Workshops for #RadioMathematics 2017

The second season of Radio Mathematics has been a journey marked by lots of revelatory discussions.

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#KasaShramikaParisaraRakshka with RJ Salma and RJ Siddique – Understanding #Waste Segregation at a #Nayandahalli Godown

RJ Salma and RJ Siddique, residents on Nayandahalli, hold the distinction of being the world’s first wife and husband waste-picker RJs.

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#ActiveBengaluru with RJ Priyanka – Geeta Menon, Mary and Chanamma on Domestic Workers’ Fight For Basic #Rights and Dignity of #Labour

In this interview with RJ Priyanka, Geeta Menon, Mary and Channamma reveal the travails faced by domestic workers in Bengaluru, and talk about the recent protests held at the Karmika Bhavan to raise awareness about these very issues.

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An Intern Looks Back at the #Radio #Mathematics 2017 Baseline Survey: “It was a learning experience for us all!”

“I felt that it was a very good idea to do this,” Keerthana Sharma P says of the Radio Mathematics Baseline Survey, conducted from June 27th – 29th at Jayanagar.

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#TrashTalk with RJ Priyanka - Indha Mahoor Talks about Her Passion for Dry Waste Management in #Bengaluru

In this edition of Trash Talk, RJ Priyanka discusses the state of dry waste collection in the city of Bengaluru with Indha Mahoor. A consultant with city-based organisation Hasiru Dala, Indha's work involves coordinating the efforts of scrap dealers, waste pickers, and officials from the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

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#EcoTalk with RJ Padma Priya – Environmentalist Dr. Umesh B N wants to Plant 1 Crore Trees in his Lifetime

One of our guests was Dr. Umesh B N, who is the adoptive son of the awe-inspiring Vrikshamate Saalumarada Thimakka. Walking in her footsteps, he is also a passionate environmentalist today and is working towards achieving his grand ambition of planting 1 crore trees in his lifetime.

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#EcoTalk with RJ Padma Priya – Padma Ashok talks about Saving Tigers and Traveling without Disturbing the Animal Life We Find in our Path

“When people think of nature they think of silence, fresh air and that makes them think of hill stations or forests – that is what we think is ‘parisara’. But, where we stay and what is in our surroundings constitutes the environment as well!"

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#EcoTalk – Urban Conservationist Vijay Nishanth Talks About His Childhood Love of #Trees

One of our guests was Vijay Nishanth, an urban conservationist and animal activist, who is the co-founder of Project Vruksha and a vociferous promoter of tree transplantation as a conservation tool. He is popularly known as the ‘Tree Doctor’.

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#EcoTalk with RJ Priyanka – Manjunath Pattegar, Narasimaiah and Ravindra R Gowda explain ‘One Tree at Every Home’

Manjunath Pattegar, Narasimaiah, and Ravindra R Gowda from the Miditha Foundation were our guests today and they highlighted the simple formula they preach to make the planet greener.

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#EcoTalk with RJ Priyanka – Nalini Shekar and N.S. Ramakanth Speak about Citizen Consciousness in Waste Management

World Environment Day is observed on the fifth day of June every year. Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz marked the day by inviting some of the most passionate environmentalists and environment activists to share personal stories of change-making and to highlight the importance of the day.

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#EcoTalk with RJ Radha – Leo Saldanha Believes that Environment Protection is a Factor of People’s Participation

One of our guests was the coordinator of the Environment Support Group (ESG) – Trust, Leo F Saldanha, who held forth on ‘Environment and the Law'.

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#ManoChurchae with RJ Padma Priya – Dr. Madhumita Explains the Mental Health Effects of Tobacco Addiction

The fact of addiction is that the concerned substance provides the user with a deep, sometimes reality-altering, sense of pleasure, and as the user sinks deeper into its grip, the tougher it becomes to climb out.

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Ghanateya Dudimegaagi Naavu Manushyaru with RJ Radha – Charting the Resilience of Sandhya

Sandhya, all of 22 and in spite of her tough journey, has big dreams for her life. She strives for stability and happiness, things that her mother never had and for which she had to fight so hard.

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#TrashTalk – Hasiru Dala Co-Founder Nalini Shekar Speaks about Waste Segregation in Bengaluru | Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz

In this interview with RJ Priyanka, Nalini Shekar, the co-founder of Hasiru Dala, talks about how it all began and how the state of awareness on waste among the citizens of Bengaluru is gradually changing.

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#ActiveWomen: Dream Catchers – RJ Shruti Chats Up Megha Bhagat On The #WakingDreams Fellowship For Women

Project DEFY aims to break this loop of discontent and attempts a new way of absorbing information. This initiative eschews textbooks and regimentation in favour of self-learning, exploration and experimentation. No bias of gender, age or social standing is welcome in this universe. What is welcome is free-flowing curiosity and an appetite for creation.