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Kavan Shah Design Studio – Uncovered

The projects realised by Mumbai-based Kavan Shah Design Studio (KSDS) are composed of simple layers that come together beautifully to create a profound and unique aesthetic language.

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Renewed Charm

R House in Bengaluru is a picture of sheer elegance. Farah And Dhaval Design (FADD) Studio drew inspirations from both neo-classical and mid-century modernist periods and filled this 3-storey house with a mix of floral accents and vintage forms.

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Case Design – Uncovered

Case Design doesn’t believe in making statements. The firm instead works to realise projects that pack substance and exude elegance, because what matters to the team is that people should truly connect with the spaces they create.

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Sublimity Defined - Home Review

The Courtyard House in Alibaug sets out to walk on a middle path between traditional and modern architecture. Parallax Design Studio who was at the helm, has created an elegant home with a refreshingly open plan which allows both sunlight and sea breezes to roam free.

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Rubel Dhuna Architects - Uncovered

Rubel Dhuna Architects (RDa) believes in designing spaces employing carefully-considered materials, along with a facilitation of abundant sunlight, and above all exploring every possibility of multi-tasking.

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Anagram Architects and contemporary artist Anita Dube came together to create ‘Artrovert’, a multi-levelled gathering ground for artists and the artistically-inclined. With its swivelling façade panels and spacious insides, the studio eschews rigid boundaries between what is inside and what is outside.

Samira rathod 7 article

Winning Collaboration

This family home in Ahmedabad has been designed by Samira Rathod of SRDA to be the playground of natural light, plush patterns, and inter-connected spaces. The said project was created by focusing on what is and can be improved upon, instead of what could have been.

Saga 2 article

SAGA Designs – Uncovered

SAGA Design Architects came into being in 2010 and has dipped its fingers and toes in architecture, town-planning, and product and interior design. Principal architects Mayur Gujare and Deval Shah lead a team that is driven by fervour for innovation and an appetite for creating stylish simplicity.

Sona reddy 4 article

Sona Reddy - Uncovered

Hyderabad-based Sona Reddy Studio specialises in creating interiors that ooze freshness. The team employs simple lines, plenty of wood detailing, and unconventional installation pieces to distinguish their projects from the rest.

Spasm 4 article

Unremarkably Remarkable

The Mandvi House by SPASM Design Architects is a vertical power structure that sports a simple stone façade, clutter-free interiors, and an eye-catching timber jaali detail; all these elements come together to establish both cooler climes and substantial privacy for the residents.

Ankit prabhudesai 2 article

The Sunshine Villa

‘Tropical Alchemy’ by Architecture + Design Ankit Prabhudessai, in Margao, blends the best design inspirations from both the traditional Portuguese and the modern legacies of Goa. It is a sprawling home full of free-flowing spaces that share an inseparable connection with the surrounding greenery.

Pizza 3 article

Studio Osmosis - Uncovered

Studio Osmosis likes its spaces to be low-clutter, high-functionality kind of masterpieces. The team is an expert hand at combining multiple materials to create plush, warm interiors that blur the lines between formal and informal settings.

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Time Please

The Collage House in Navi Mumbai stands true to its name; here S+PS Architects have designed a home referencing a sophisticated postcard, full of visuals of the city, both old and new.

Dco 02 article

DCOOP – Uncovered

Mumbai-based DCOOP (Design Cooperative) likes to function on a practical and contextually solid ground, preferring to build structures that are modern, efficient and beautiful.

Niksha 05 article

A Storehouse Of Elegance

This store in Mumbai, is inspired by, and built to complement designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil’s collection of stunning apparel. Design Office has worked on a minimalist, elegantly staid canvas to build a store that oozes finesse.