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The flour wroks 028 article

The Lightness of Being

The Flour Works scores high because of its consummate love for food, and fresh ingredients. One visit is not enough.

Blue cross 135 article

Pet Positive

A cold morning happily gave way to some sunny laughter on Sunday. The Blue Cross Hospital at Keshavnagar, off Mundhwa road, transformed into a colourful fun fair ground.

Sushi 010 article

Wasabi In The Air

One key trait of Japanese food is it's deft topping of sauces of deep pungency with often wholesome, bland dishes. The workshop made a conventional transition of courses, starting with a soup, some salads, appetisers, main course and then a dessert.

Dsc 0485 article

Chai, with a view

Cha Hut Bar presents that rare opportunity - to sip a hot cuppa while looking out at Mulshi valley.

Calcutta 011 article

A Steamy Affair

Bhapa, or steamed food, is a Bengali tradition that is fading from most households, but is being kept alive by many eateries in the city.

Turkey rules roost on festive menus

Come Christmas, and menus in most restaurants here boast of a new star ingredient — turkey. The big hotels have made it a ritual of introducing special dishes for the festive season, typically roast turkey and other dishes.

Tee-ming up online

Over the past five years, many youngsters, most without any prior experience of enterprise, have realised their entrepreneurial dreams by setting up portals that sell affordable, but fashionable tees. The names Inkfruit, Myntra, and Tantra may have stuck by because of their aggressive promotional push, but many debutantes are ready to push the limits of this business.

It’s crunch time

Like all Indian festivals, Christmas is a convivial affair. All celebrations happen around platefuls of food – cakes, meats and a wide variety of sweet and salty snacks.

Framing Real India

Street photography in the country has thrived, especially in the hands of talented amateurs. Multiple blogs and websites brim over with candid, everyday shots of Indian streets and people thereon.

Sqeez 026 article

A Leafy Affair

Sqeeez – The Healthy Bar is low on frills, high on substance, and is eminently affordable. Now, who wouldn't like such a place?

A Stage for All

The narrow halls of Bharat Natya Mandir at Sadashiv Peth have been witness to some of the finest performances of classical music, dance and theatre. It has also been the home of many a showcasing of amateur plays, of which Purushottam Karandak is the flagship.

M id 274463 infidels of sanity article

Metal Under Fire

Before Pune hopped on to the expressway of music, scooping up different genres from around the world, heavy metal music ruled the roost in the city.

An address of acceptance

Ek Madhav Baug is a Marathi play written by the late playwright, Chetan Datar. It was translated into a 50-minute Hindi soliloquy by Ambegaonkar and Vivek Anand, CEO of the Humsafar Trust.

Solace in suicide country

A small revolution of self-reliance is brewing in the suicide-hit Yavatmal district in Maharashtra. In the sleepy neighbourhood of Kale Layout live the Kadres.

M id 282949 kamalabai article

Lead Roll

As Hindi cinema turns 100, Pune-based Ashok Bhaduri's sketches of all leading ladies from Dadasaheb Phalke's daughter Mandakini to Fearless Nadia and Lalita Pawar and now Katrina Kaif acquire a new halo.